Cooperative Remarketing for brands

We enable brands to retarget consumers with purchase intent from their most important retail partners, which allows the brand to take part in lower-funnel marketing and conversion activities.

Our automated platform delivers highly converting ads at the most critical time in the customers’ shopping journey.

Be a part of the entire shopping journey!

Most e-commerce sales happen at major e-tailers, outside of brands’ reach, which makes it hard for brands to connect with consumers while in their purchase window.

re:nable empowers brands to bridge the gap and reach those consumers to educate and influence them at exactly the right point in time.

Why are reviews crucial for maximized conversion?

80% higher conversion rate
Relevant, user and expert reviews increase conversion with more than 80%.

12 times more trusted
Consumers trust reviews 12X higher than marketing communication from the seller.

Made by users and experts
Consumers trust their peers and selected experts.

Today 95% of shoppers consult reviews
86% consider them essential, and 82% check negative reviews.

Why work with re:nable?

Besides that you get to access data that you have never accessed before, you also get to work with the latest technology when it comes to remarketing. We are seasoned experts in driving sales through social media retargeting. We know all the big and little things which make such a major impact on the bottom line.

re:nable is already fully integrated with your most important e-tail partners, which enables you to reach and influence consumers when they are in the buying window.

Our services are fully managed, we will handle everything from start to finish and take care of all the details so you don’t have to.