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How e-tailers can monetize their content and brand smartly without compromise business strategy_20200315

15 March, 2020

How can e-tailers monetize their content and brand smartly, without compromising its business strategy?

Established e-tailers are very efficient organizations with optimized budgets and they are built for high volume and have found a profitable way to operate in a competitive market with low margins. In a wider perspective e-tailers also have great assets and a strong position that can be further monetized.

How do you ensure your customers attention20200307

7 March, 2020

How do you ensure your customers’ attention?

The transition to digital and mobile, means customers behavior is changing and the typical mobile user spend ~20% of the time per session and subject.

Personalized Envelope Mailed Message Special Unique Communicatio

27 February, 2020

What is hyper-personalization and why do analysts predict that it’s the future of marketing?

Several recognized analysts state that successful digital marketing comes from hyper-personalized marketing.