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How e-tailers can monetize their content and brand smartly without compromise business strategy_20200315

15 March, 2020

How can e-tailers monetize their content and brand smartly, without compromising its business strategy?

Established e-tailers are very efficient organizations with optimized budgets and they are built for high volume and have found a profitable way to operate in a competitive market with low margins. In a wider perspective e-tailers also have great assets and a strong position that can be further monetized.

How do you ensure your customers attention20200307

7 March, 2020

How do you ensure your customers’ attention?

The transition to digital and mobile, means customers behavior is changing and the typical mobile user spend ~20% of the time per session and subject.

Personalized Envelope Mailed Message Special Unique Communicatio

27 February, 2020

What is hyper-personalization and why do analysts predict that it’s the future of marketing?

Several recognized analysts state that successful digital marketing comes from hyper-personalized marketing.

What is OEM retargeting and why does it matter

11 November, 2019

Video: What is OEM retargeting and why does it matter?

Brands and OEMs have a huge untapped potential, to invest a smaller portion of their marketing budget into OEM-retargeting in mid/bottom-part of the marketing funnel.


3 October, 2019

Video: Disruption in retail as sales moves from physical to digital

As more and more sales are moving from physical to online, the customer journey is changing and one of the key challenges now is to sell the value proposition and to influence the customer to buy and converting as there's no sales person to perform these tasks online.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

11 September, 2019

video: How can OEMs maximize conversion rates?

The challenge for the OEM is to pin-point that 14-day window (for each customer) when they have a high intent to buy. And this can only be done through OEM-retargeting when you know that the customer actually have been looking at a specific product at a specific point-of-sale.

The challenge for the OEM is to pin-point that 14-day window

17 June, 2019

quick take: How can OEMs maximize conversion rates?

Historically, OEMs and e-tailers have operated in two ends of the sales and marketing funnel. The upper part of is all about building brand awareness and reach as many consumers as possible. In bottom end the main goal is to close a sale.

ecart woman click

15 February, 2019

The true cost of cart abandonment

(There’s more potential here than you realize)

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8 January, 2019

Benefit from the positive effects of using reviews in marketing!

In this article, I will demonstrate various ways how companies can use review content in their digital advertising efforts and benefit from better performance.

Reviews in e-commerce

16 August, 2018

The amazing impact of reviews in e-commerce

In this article I will take a closer look at what recent surveys say about the impact of reviews in e-commerce sales.