About the company

We are a team of seasoned experts with a passion for technology, digital marketing and of course, the future of e-commerce.

re:nable’s vision is to be the leading conversion platform provider for brands and e-tailers around the world.

We offer brands a new opportunity to reach (otherwise unreachable) warm and hot leads from the online retail channel. Our conversion platform has innovative and unique functionality that maximize revenues from your e-tail visitors. We help our clients to maximize conversion and significantly increase profitability through our fully automated data-driven platform.

Our belief is that a company can make a huge impact when the right people get together and focus on the same goal. For us, that goal is to help brands close their current customer journey gap and align their efforts and execution with their most important e-tail partners, by this significanly increase their sales and profits.

Our journey has just begun, but we are growing rapidly. Whether you are a potential customer, partner or employee – Welcome!


Founders of re:nable

Leif Sundström

Senior Sales & Marketing Executive

Fredrik Engdahl

Senior Content Aggregation Expert

Viktor Nord

Proficient advisor Social Marketing

Richard Sörensson

Social Media Marketing Expert