Brands get 2-4X better results by differentiating their retargeting campaigns!

Traditional marketing has been all focused-on reach and frequency, typical marketing execution is defined by reaching frequency, the more people see your brand the better.

Today consumers have a massive marketing overdose every single day. Experts say consumers receive 40k-60k brand impressions daily and scroll past 1.800 social media posts per day.

In a market with that extreme noise and clutter, does your marketing really stand out in that noise?

We have compared how to stand out in a comparison between standard retargeting and Smart retargeting.

Standard retargeting does an ok job to retarget retail product visitors with a picture and message. By turning that simple service, with these few key differentiating functions;

1) colored background
2) mix ad types
3) relevant content
4) both video and picture

You will get 2-4X greater results vs the standard retargeting, by distinguishing and differentiating your service, you break through the marketing clutter and hence get superior results.

Cooperative remarketing for Brands offers the possibility to educate and influence consumers at a decisive moment in their shopping journey to maximize conversions at local e-tailers.