Why Smart Retargeting for Brands deliver amazing results?

Historically, Brands and e-tailers have operated in opposite ends of the marketing funnel. The upper sections of the sales funnel are all about building brand awareness and reach as many consumers as possible. In the bottom end, the main goal is to close a sale.

One problem for Brands with that division is that they have historically not been able to perform highly targeted marketing campaigns because of a lack of access to e-tailer visitor data. So, historically only e-tailers have been able to do efficient retargeting campaigns.

Now, however, Brands can do retargeting via third parties that have access to visitor data, called Smart Retargeting. This unique proposition delivers amazing results as it combines two important aspects;

  • Retargeting – target a consumer that have a confirmed interest for a specific product
  • Access to visitor data – targeting of consumers with proof of intent-to-buy

The figure below highlights why Smart Retargeting delivers amazing results, normally a 20-40X better effect than the alternatives.

Smart-Retargeting for Brands offers the possibility for Brands to reach customers who are in the buying window, it enables them to educate and influence consumers at a decisive moment in their shopping journey to maximize conversion.