How can Brands increase online trust at e-tailers?

Recently a friend told me that he didn’t see the need for physical stores anymore and that he bought everything online these days.

Naturally, this interested me so I asked him a couple of questions regarding his latest purchases. Interestingly, we both found out that physical stores had indeed been involved in his recent online purchases.

Online consumers need to feel the same level of trust as they feel when shopping in physical stores. Typically, physical stores build trust by letting consumers:

  • Get a look and feel for the product by experiencing it in-store
  • Talk to store clerks about the product
  • Read the product description

A recent consumer experience study about online consumers concluded that:

  • 90% of online consumers feel that they lack relevant product information at POS
  • 57% of onlien consumers abandoned their last purchase due to too many choices

The same study concluded that Brands need to increase online consumers’ feeling of trust, which would increase their sales. This also rings true with the experience my friend had.

So how can Brands increase consumers’ feeling of trust in their digital shopping journey, besides what they are already doing?

Our experience says these content types are best suited to increase online trust:

  • Video that shortly present product USP
  • Local User reviews building trust
  • Expert reviews that confirm product quality

Smart-retargeting for Brands offers the possibility for Brands to reach consumers from major e-tailers, in their buying window. This amazing opportunity enables Brands to educate and influence consumers at a decisive moment in their shopping journey, to maximize conversions.

How can Brands increase online trust at e-tailers 2