Why does online sales significantly increase Brands’ need to interact during the whole customer journey?

The transition from physical to mobile sales results in changed consumer behavior.

What can we learn from typical online consumer behavior? Here are some useful facts:

  • 80% of the most frequent online consumers use price comparison engines to compare offers.
  • The vast majority of online consumers visit a product page three or more times before making a purchase.
  • 57% of the online consumers have failed to complete a purchase online because they felt that there were too many choices and/or incomprehensible information about the difference between the alternatives.

So, the above tells us that online consumers:

  • almost always compare prices
  • buying online is more a process rather than an impulsive action
  • too many options might be counterproductive.

These facts point to the need for brands to more actively engage with consumers throughout the whole customer journey, as consumers still need to reach the same level of trust and comfort as they did in physical sales.

Smart-retargeting for Brands at major e-tailers enables Brands to educate and influence consumers when most important to do so, i.e. when the consumer has a proven intent to buy.

Why does online sales significantly increase Brands need to interact during the whole customer journey 2