How can e-tailers monetize their content and brand smartly, without compromising its business strategy?

Established e-tailers are very efficient organizations with optimized budgets and they are built for high volume and have found a profitable way to operate in a competitive market with low margins. In a wider perspective, e-tailers also have great assets and a strong position that can be further monetized.

By smartly sharing their visitor data, re-use their strong brand, content, and reviews to a 3rd party broker.

E-tailers have an amazing opportunity to further nurture their leads in an optimal way, to increase sales without adding cost.

By enable Smart retargeting for Brands, they allow their Brand partners to educate and influence product visitors with hyper-personalized ads during each visitor’s intent-to-buy period.

This reinforces the e-tailer’s total digital marketing activity with no added cost. It doesn’t compromise their business strategy but reinforce the overall business model as all communication to consumers is made under their brand and using their own product content.

Smart retargeting for Brands help e-tailers to monetize their existing assets more efficiently and create an opportunity for their Brand partners to educate, influence, and convert product visitors in an optimal way. It results in a win-win solution for e-tailers and brands from which both parties benefit from.