How do you ensure your customers’ attention?

The transition to digital and mobile means customers’ behavior is changing and the typical mobile user spends ~20% of the time per session and subject.

  • Today, 90% of consumers experience a lack of comprehensible product information to be able select between between product A and B
  • 57% of consumers abandoned their last purchase due to a lack of comprehensible product information.

So, many consumers experience a lack of comprehensible product information in their digital shopping journey, which results in a not insignificant number of abandoned purchases. To curate this, brands and e-tailers need to find ways to deliver a more homogeneous message throughout the shopping journey, a message which consumers can understand and which increases their feeling of trust.

At the same time, many consumers abandon their shopping journeys because of “information overload”, which is the other pit-fall many online sellers fall into;

  • The average consumer scrolls 1800 social media post per day.
  • The average consumer has today an average attention span of 3-seconds per social media post.

So, how do you ensure that your message about your product cuts through the buzz and reaches the consumer?

By providing hyper-personalized ads, which target users at exactly the right time, with exactly the right content. Do this, and you will enjoy great results as each user’s attention span becomes greater with relevant information.

Smart retargeting for Brands enables you to retarget consumers from your most important e-tail partners and lets you educate, influence, and convert consumers who otherwise would be lost.

How do you ensure your customers attention