What is hyper-personalization and why do analysts predict that it’s the future of marketing?

Several recognized analysts state that successful digital marketing comes from hyper-personalized marketing.

  • “80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will in ~5 years abandon their efforts due to lack of ROI, based on weak data access, integration and protection” – Gartner Dec 19.
  • “Quantifiable results in marketing will come from Hyper-personalization that utilize AI and real-time behavioral data to deliver highly relevant engagement at the right time” – GP Bullhound Feb 20.

What is the difference between personalized and hyper-personalized?

  • Personalization is to incorporate info like name, title, purchase history, etc.
  • Hyper-personalization goes one step further and utilizes behavioral and real-time data to create highly contextual communication that is relevant to the user at the right time.
how brands are using hyper personalization