quick take: How can a CMO deliver 2020 on impossible objectives?

OEM-regarding done right give you amazing results compared to other alternatives.

Here are some of our standard metrics:

  • CTR (click-through-rates) average around 4-6% on our ads, CTR proves customer interest.
  • ROI starting at 6-8X in competitive areas (low price and mass-market CE-products), 10-20X in mid to premium segment, up to 20-50X under campaign periods.

So what’s really behind those great numbers:

OEM-retargeting offers possibility to reach customers that have proven interest to buy a specific product, but not yet purchased it. Optimal results comes from retargeting with these three types of content:

  1. Video (~1-min) describing the features and function of the product
  2. Hyper local user review, i.e. from each local retailer and specific product
  3. Local expert review, local recognised expert organisation

These categories helps to:

  • Educate the customer of all great things the product offer
  • User review builds trust from an independent person
  • Expert review confirms product quality from an expert organisation

By using these content types optimally (max 6-times) under the average customers buying window of 14-days, OEM-retargeting provides significantly increase conversion rates at local e-tailers.