quick take: Online shoppers expect e-tailer to re-connect more dynamically and personally

E-tailers have a number of challenges to handle, like:

  • Customers are increasingly less loyal
  • Most consumers find online ads intrusive or otherwise annoying
  • Online advertising is often both expensive and inefficient

The majority of online shoppers (88%) expect e-tailers and brands to offer a personalized online shopping experience, in which the e-tailer explains the benefits and features of each respective product.

Although most e-tailers operate with small margins and high volume in a competitive market, they also have great assets and positions in the market, which can be further utilized to increase results.

E-tailers can benefit from creating more personalized advertising campaigns and getting back to each user at the right time with educational and highly converting content. This less intrusive and more engaging approach to online marketing will in the end bring users back to their shopping journey to complete the sale.

OEM-retargeting helps e-tailers and OEMs to jointly and more efficiently educate and influence product visitors, which results in increased conversion rates for local e-tailers.

*= reimagining commerse 2019 episerver