quick take: How OEM-retargeting align with existing e-tail strategy and business

They are built for high volume and operate in a competitive market with low margins.

They are very efficient organizations with optimized budgets and constantly need to prioritize which products to give visibility at every given moment. E-tailers earn the majority of their revenue from a minority of their available products.

In a wider perspective e-tailers also have great assets and a strong position in the market that can be further utilized. OEMs always want to sell as much as possible at every given moment, but not all products get “enough” visibility. So there’s an untapped potential for both e-tailer and the OEMs to give a few or all products some additional visibility to relevant visitors at the right time.

OEM-retargeting help e-tailers to utilize existing assets more efficiently and create an opportunity for the OEM at every given moment to educate, influence and convert visitors on ”their” products in an optimal way. This ensure each visitor get personalized educational information at the right time at every given moment, giving a win-win scenario as both the OEM and the e-tailer get more sales and increased profitability.they-are-trying-to-compete-against-amazon-so-they-replaced-their-sales-associates-with-delivery-drones