quick take: Do you do marketing where you can find your customers?

By being data driven you can take decision based on facts instead of feelings and rumors where the marketing is going, data will always help you to feel confident as your decision is based on facts.

More and more talk about Facebook and social media usage is going down, especially in younger groups and 30+, but data tells us some other news:

  • 83% of the Swedes use social media regularly and 63% of us use it daily.
  • Facebook is by far the biggest platform and Instagram is growing fast.
  • Many believe Facebook usage is going down and yes growth of usage per day is slowing down for the young generation but continue to increase for 30+ group.

Looking at the charts summarizing the Social Media landscape globally, it tells us Facebook continue to have a dominant position (position 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the top-5) and continue to grow. Yes, there are some new kids on the block and for sure we will see changes in coming years.

But stop listening to the rumor of Facebooks rapid decrease and sudden death as it’s slightly exaggerated. Instead build your decision based on facts and data.
Are your customers presence and availability aligned with your marketing efforts? Are all your marketing plans for 2020 based on facts and data? Please share your thoughts!

social splinter charts