quick take: Which types of digital Ads do users consider annoying?

eMarketer recently presented what ads that annoy users, their summary;

“Users tend to prefer less intrusive formats and contextually appropriate ads. Users know they need ads to enjoy free media but want advertisers to be respectful”.

Earlier I learned that in mobile GPS-navigation customers appreciate timely, contextual content, especially when delivered within the customer journey, for example driving a route from a b notified with “There’s a congestion ahead, we can detour you and save 30-min”, very appreciated.

But delivering info ahead of the customer journey was not that appreciated, for example presenting a route ahead of user interaction, based on earlier google search, was seen a negative experience.

Our conclusion what users see as annoying ads:

  • Pop-ups with content and video ahead of customer journey, not appreciated.
  • Presenting ads that are not relevant nor smart, i.e. ads presented after purchase are annoying.


OEM-retargeting educate and influence the customers with specific product features as well as hyper local User and Expert reviews within the customer journey, always based on each user just visited products. Metrics from campaigns shows how appreciated and helpful this timely contextual content are.