quick take: How do you ensure your customers pays attention to your ads?

This normally happens when advertisers lack access to data and hence can’t really take the right decisions, instead they “spray and pray”, for example:

  • A diaper ad presented for a person which doesn’t have a baby
  • An ad is displayed AFTER the consumer have already purchased the product

Leading to:

  1. The consumer feels annoyed because of the misguided and continuous ads, resulting in a negative experience.
  2. The advertiser light a fire for the crows, as money are spent on the wrong audience.

In OEM-retargeting this would never happen, because:

  1. With access to “intent-to-buy” data, you can pin-point the right audience and time.
  2. You ensure that you always provide relevant ads, as you know what product or service the customer is looking for.
  3. By alternating between different messages and control ad-frequency, you provide appreciated and helpful ads at the right time.

OEM-retargeting provide value to the user at the right time, amazing ROI, no ad-fatigued customers and you won’t ever light a fire for the crows 

.Ad-fatigue causes your campaigns to be less effective hurting your ROI