quick take: How optimal educational crunch of product visitors gives appreciated consumers

A marketing campaign in retail used to be billboard banners, in-store exposure, and salespersons that explain the features and benefits of a product to close a sale.

As more and more sales are moving online, the same kind of educational process is requested. A recent study concluded;

  • 90% of shoppers want more guidance and clearer information when buying online
  • 57% abandon their online purchase due to too many choices

Our research and metrics conclude that customers appreciate relevant information building trust and educational content provided at the right time.
Some of our key metrics with optimal cost vs results and high consumer appreciation

  • Mix relevant content for example
    • Product video about the features of the product
    • Relevant hyper local user and expert reviews
  • Max of 2-ads/day and 6 ads in total per visitor under their “intent-to-buy-period”

OEM-retargeting help brands to educate the benefits and features of their products at local e-tailers. By influencing and guiding visitors throughout the customer journey OEMs can significantly increase conversion rates at local e-tailers.