quick take: How can OEMs maximize conversion rates?

One problem for OEMs with that division is that they have historically not had access campaigns with the highest relevance and conversion (see figure below).retargeting facebook

So, historically only the e-tailers have been able to do retargeting since only they have access to visitor data. Now however, OEMs can do retargeting via third parties that have access to intent to buy data, called OEM Retargeting.
To understand how important this change is, consider the following scenario. A consumer owns a mobile phone on average 24-months and the moment of truth for purchasing a new mobile is approximately 14-days. During those 14-days, it’s critical for the OEM to be part of that customer journey, enabling the OEM to educate, influence, and eventually close a sale to that specific customer.

The challenge for the OEM is to pinpoint that 14-day window (for each customer) when they have a high intent to buy. And this can only be done through OEM-retargeting when you know that the customer actually has been looking at a specific product at a specific point-of-sale.

During the normal ownership period, the OEMs shall continue to build their brand and create awareness, so when customers are ready to buy, they will look for your brand and products.