quick take: Disruption in retail as sales moves from physical to digital, from desktop to mobile

As more and more sales are moving from physical to online, the customer journey is changing and one of the key challenges around selling the value proposition and to influence the customer to buy and converting is there is no salesperson to perform these tasks online.

“90%* of Swedish shoppers want more guidance and clearer information when buying online and 57%* abandon their online purchase due to too many choices”.

Once the OEM’s product is with the local e-tailer they no longer have control, visibility and limited insights on the customer behavior during their journey. This gives them limited, to no room to impact the sale and convert. They are in the hands of the e-tailer and that they educate, influence and complete the sell of their product.every step of the sales process went perfectly except the part where the customer buys the product

OEM-retargeting help brands to bridge the gap in the disrupted retail environment. The tools help them to educate the benefits and features of the products at local e-tailers. By influencing and guiding visitors throughout the customer journey OEMs can significantly increase conversion rates at local e-tailers.

source: * = reimagining commerce 2019 episerver.